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6 Creative Ways to Make Boring Topics More Interesting

  • April 20 2015
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We’d all like to write on fascinating subjects, however sometimes this simply isn’t possible. As a content writer you often have to stick to writing topics that can only be described as a little boring. However, your client is going to expect that you’re able to do so in the most interesting way possible. This means that you have to figure out how to make even the most boring topic sound exciting. Luckily, there are six ways in which to turn any boring topic into a fun one that readers will want to take the time to read.



1.  Become an Expert on the Topic 

One reason why a certain topic can be boring to read is that the writers simply doesn’t know enough in order to write about it in an interesting way. In order to be able to get your readers interested in a boring topic, it’s crucial that you know the topic that you’re writing about. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t interested in the topic yourself; studies have found that the more that you know about something the more that you’ll find it interesting. This means that all it takes is some research on the topic that you’re writing about in order to get yourself and thus your readers interested in the topic.



2.  Choose the Angle That Everyone Can Relate To

It’s recommended that when writing on a topic you should write in a way that makes your readers feel as though you’ve experienced it yourself. Being a good content writer means that you have the ability to connect with your readers on a personal level, and so one way to do this is to write on your topic as though it has had a substantial impact on your life. For instance, if you need to write on ways to make sure that your car is well maintained; make sure to put in an anecdote about the time that your car broke down on the freeway because you didn’t properly take care of it.



3.  Make the Topic Relevant

Most people don’t care about a topic that isn’t relevant to their everyday lives. For instance, it would be hard to find someone that cared about quantitative easing before 2008, however once the recession hit, people became much more interested in talking about ways that we can stimulate the economy. If you want your boring topic to perk up the ears of your reader then find some way to tie it in to current news.



4.  Make Your Readers a Participant

Most teachers realize that in order to get their students to pay attention, they must involve them in their lecture. One-way conversations can be a one-stop ticket to snooze-vile for many people, and this includes content writing. However, in order to make your boring topic less boring, getting your readers to participate somehow can be the key to success. Write your content in a way that prompts readers to give their own opinion and feedback through interactive surveys or a comment section.



5.  Make Your Topic more Visually Appealing

Infographs are a fantastic way to show your readers regional breakdowns, trends, and other such statistical data that tends to be very dry. If you need to write about a complicated and long process then try to break down your writing by including a visual of some kind to keep your readers stimulated. You may even want to skip the writing all together and create a storyboard instead, as these can make any boring subject much easier and more appealing to read.



6.  Find Out What Questions Your Readers Are Asking 

In order to find ways to intrigue your readers look on various websites such as Quora to find the specific questions that many people are asking on the subject. This way you can implement them into your writing. For instance if you are writing on coffee mugs, then don’t just write a general article on it but delve deeper into what people are interested in when it comes to coffee mugs, such as how to make edible ones. In this way you can make any boring topic more interesting for people, because no matter how dry the subject, people want their questions answered.


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Cameron Mackey

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