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Cause and Cures for Writer’s Block

  • June 8 2015
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Writer’s block is a huge bummer when you’re trying to get your creative juices flowing. Every writer has run into it at one point in time. Unfortunately, writers block can sometimes last for weeks or even months. It’s important to avoid utilizing writer’s block as a sort of crutch in order to excuse every obstacle that gets in your way as a writer. However, when you truly do have writers block it can seem like the end of the road as far as your writing goes. However, essentially writer’s block is fear, and the thing about fear is that it can be overcome. Here are some causes of writer’s block, as well as how to overcome them.


Analysis Paralysis

When you constantly scrutinize your content, and are always looking for some aspect of what is lacking in some way it will lead you to be counterproductive in your writing, and can cause analysis paralysis. This is when you over-analyze your writing to the point that you cannot continue writing. Although you do want to produce your best work possible, by taking hours on end in order to ensure that your writing is absolutely perfect, you are doing yourself a disservice. It’s recommended that you complete your writing without looking over every little detail, as this can help you overcome writer’s block.


Writing Anxiety

If you constantly feel anxiety about your writing this can make your writing flow very difficult. This is especially the case when you have a strict deadline that you are facing. If you are a person that tends to feel anxiety about upcoming deadlines or when thinking about your writing being judged then this can cause major writer’s block. If you have anxiety about writing then it is recommended that you try to make your writing space as peaceful as possible. Many times listening to calming music, such as classic or ambient soundtracks can allow your thoughts to follow and your anxiety to ease.


Lack of Emotional Fuel

It is true that logic plays a substantial role in allowing writers to ensure proper writing structure and organization. However, if you are lacking in emotion then it can be extremely tricky to write. The majority of writers can come up with opinions or insights based on their emotions, and what they believe and feel about a topic. However, if you are lacking the emotional fuel needed for your writing then it can be extremely tricky to come up with unique ideas or to properly express yourself. Try getting in touch with your emotions about a topic in order to light the creative fire and get your writing flowing.


Feeling Tired

If you are feeling tired then it can affect you on not only a physical level, but a mental level as well. When you are fatigued you tend to think more slowly than you usually would, as you aren’t able to process information quickly when you haven’t had adequate sleep. If you are feeling fatigued then try taking a nap. Even if you are on a strict deadline, and running out of time, taking a quick nap can make a world of difference in allowing you to beat writer’s block.


Lack of Motivation

Sometimes writer’s block can all come down to feeling particularly unmotivated and lazy about finishing a writing project. If you are feeling as though you have no motivation to complete your writing task then it is likely that you are going to feel as though you have writer’s block, when in reality it is more likely that your motivation muscle has just been depleted. In order to overcome a lack of motivation, try to take a break from writing for a little bit. Perhaps go on a run, or read a book that you’ll enjoy. Refresh yourself so that when you come back to your writing you can come back feeling up to the task of creating an amazing writing piece.


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Cameron Mackey

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