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Beginning Middle and End; the Importance of Sentence Structure

  • November 3 2014
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Having a well-structured article is key to its success. Without it you’ll have a jumble of information that readers will have a hard time comprehending or getting any use out of. It is essential that your article’s content is not only well written, but also relevant; otherwise you’re wasting your time writing it. Organizing an effective beginning middle and end to your article is crucial, as it will provide your audience with a framework in order to help them grasp the content of your text. A piece of writing that is well organized supports its readers through making it simple for them to follow. On the other hand, a piece of writing that is poorly written and lacking in sentence structure will lead readers though a confusing maze and leave them unsatisfied with your writing.


The Beginning

Where you should begin your article is a very important decision to make as a writer. A good beginning to your article can draw your reader in and make them keep reading, while a mediocre to bad piece of writing can lead the reader to have no interest in continuing. The beginning of any piece of writing is often called the hook or the lead, as it demonstrates to the reader the main purpose of the article by introducing the thesis, topic, argument, etc. A good article will hook its readers in the first few opening sentences by using great description and getting right to the action.


The Middle

The organization of an article’s middle depends largely on the article’s genre. There are five basic types of organizational structure to choose from, which will greatly affect how your middle is structured. These are description, sequence, problem and solution, and cause and effect. Sequence makes use of numerical, spatial order or time as the organizational structure. Description should be used when wanting to describe the features of a specific subject. Cause and effect is used to demonstrate relationships between ideas and events. Comparison and contrast structure should be used in order to explain how objects, positions or events are similar or different. Lastly, problem and solution requires that you state a problem and determine the solution.


The Ending

If you’ve ever watched a fantastic movie only to have the ending be weak then you know how important a strong ending is. As a writer you must decide how to tie up any loose ends in order to leave your readers satisfied. A strong ending should summarize any highlights that you had throughout your article, as well as restate all of the main points that you had previously. It is also very effective to end your article with a strong final statement in order to drive home your main thesis to your readers.


Sentence Fluency

It is imperative that you have expressive and smooth sentence fluency in your article. When you write a sentence you start with a capital letter and then work your way through phrases and words until you’ve expressed an entire thought, at which time you end it with an exclamation mark, question mark or period. Keep in mind that readers will read your article in the same manner that you wrote it. This means that they follow the shape of your sentences from start to finish in order to try to understand the complete thought you were trying to express. In order for your readers to successfully do this, your writing must flow from phrase to phrase, word to word, and even sentence to sentence.


Write Expressively

In order to enjoy and understand your article, people must be able to expressively read it. Having an expressive article means that your readers can detect the changes in pitch, volume, tone and rhythm that we would normally hear in everyday speech. When an article flows smoothly it’s much easier for readers to understand your meaning. Keep in mind that it’s okay to have very complex and long sentences, however you must be able to structure them in a way that allows readers to easily deal with them, otherwise the sentence’s meaning can be lost completely.


Spelling and Grammar 

Being cautious with your content makes a world of difference for your end product. There are many articles out there that don’t bother with proper grammar and spelling, however in order to get the most viewership, this is key. It is quite common for people to instantly stop reading an article simply because of the state of its spelling and grammar. Keep in mind that spell checker doesn’t always pick up on mistakes, and so it’s important to read over your article once it’s complete. It can be beneficial to even have someone else read it in order to get a new pair of eyes to spot any mistakes that you’ve missed.



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