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7 Writing Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page


Facebook is an extremely simple tool in theory. After all, you just have to update your wall every once in a while, and people will come running to respond to your posts, right? Unfortunately, it is not that easy, and it is often the case that business owners get frustrated and simply give up because they are not getting the results that they want from using Facebook. Despite this fact, there are easy ways to increase your Facebook engagement and thus your business efforts by creating content that is both relevant and personal. Here is a look at the best means of increasing your business’s Facebook engagement.



1.  Use Quotes

Quotes are great for engaging customer’s feelings of inclusion. When someone has that feeling of “Me, too!” it makes them feel good and a part of something. This can be an extremely useful tool on Facebook as those that approve of the quote’s sentiment can quickly click the Like button. Quotes associate your brand with a good feeling and can foster a connection with your niche on Facebook. For example, Disney utilizes quotes from their movies to help relate to and inspire their audience.



2.  Create Conversations

Don’t just write your Facebook posts with the intention of telling something to your followers. Instead, think of ways that they can engage and interact with your business. Ask your followers to share their feedback and thoughts on your services and products. This is an excellent way to improve your business by listening to what people want. Creating content that demonstrates that your company took readers’ feedback to heart will aid in creating customer loyalty and shows that their ideas are important to you.



3.  Have a Call to Action

Having a call to action instills a nudge in your audience that drives them to respond in the way that you want them to. The one thing that the majority of marketers and small business owners fail to catch when they post updates on their Facebook is a strong call to action. Your followers usually respond better when they are given a direction of what exactly to respond to. What is it that you want your followers to do after reading your post? Do you want likes or comments? Do you want them to share your post with their friends? For example, writing, “Like” this if you… can increase your engagement by a substantial amount.



4.  Use Hashtags In Your Writing

One relatively new addition to Facebook is the ability to use hashtags to categorize certain terms using the # symbol. Doing so can increase your product, campaign, and brand awareness with a much broader audience. For example, Sephora uses #OneQuickQuestion as a way to improve their campaign engagement outside the reach of the followers they currently have. When using hashtags make sure that you are doing so to create engagement and awareness for a specific campaign such as a sale of a product or for a contest that you are having. It is also a good idea to use common hashtags such as #beautiful or #socialmedia to increase your company’s visibility.



5.  Input Links to Your Website on Your Facebook Posts

Whenever you post content on Facebook, it is an opportunity to drive potential customers to your company’s website. To do this, ensure that you always link your posts to your site. Facebook has made it so that link posts have a more clickable and larger area to help drive people onto your site, which is good news for you. All you have to do to input a link is enter the URL in your Facebook page’s sharing tool and then hit enter.



6.  Give Shout-Outs to Your Customers

People love it when businesses share their content. It also allows you to avoid creating the content yourself, which can be quite time-consuming. Use your follower’s content instead of creating your own to give your post a chance of becoming viral through specific targeted communities that are close to the creator of the content. For example, Starbucks has shown off their customer’s drawings made on Starbucks cups on their Facebook page and given them a shout out by including a link to their Instagram account in the description.



7.  Take Advantage of Timing

Your followers will be much more likely to engage with your Facebook posts when it has to do with a subject that is relevant and on their minds such as the holidays or a current event. For example, posting tips on gifting your product during the holiday season is an excellent way to increase engagement while also converting your followers into buyers. Additionally, timeliness is important when it comes to replying to the comments on your posts. The quicker that you respond, the more likely your followers will respond to you the next time that you post.


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Cameron Mackey

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