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How to Write SEO Articles Without Sounding Stupid

  • February 21 2014
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Too many people believe that writing SEO articles, each article must be cram-packed with several keywords in order to rank in the search engines. However, when you write articles in this fashion, your writing actually sounds stupid. If your paragraphs do not make sense, then you are truly defeating your purpose.


Writing Effectively for Your Readers


Readers today are often looking for facts quickly. Most do not like to read long and often boring paragraphs. The best rule of thumb when writing SEO articles is to use headings that let the readers know what the paragraph is about and then keep it short. Be sure that the heading matches the paragraph so your readers take you as an authority on the subject as well.


Writing effectively is not that hard. You can easily write as if you are explaining the tasks, providing the information or reviewing the product in a way that engages your readers. Keep the wording easy to read and in a friendly tone, just as if you are talking with a well-trusted friend. Search engines can tell what a page or article is about without you adding a hundred keywords in a page.


Making use of lists and bullets points is another way to help the reader as well as the search engines. You do not have to use the same keyword all the way down the list, as once again this will make you look stupid. No one was to read an article on the different breeds of cats in the world with a long list such as Russian Blue cat, Siamese cat, Torte cat, and so on and so forth. This is nothing more than keyword stuffing and some readers may take it as insult due to the fact that they already know the article is about cats. Repeating yourself for each breed of cat is completely insane.


What to Avoid with SEO Articles


The major factor to writing articles that make sense is to write, as you would talk. You would not say the keyword in each sentence when you are discussing a topic. The person you are speaking with already knows the topic and so do the readers by your title. Honestly, for SEO purposes you only need to use the keyword once in a 500-word article and it will do nicely.


Bad grammar and misspelled words should be avoided. Once again, if you write articles with several misspelled words or completely bad grammar you are going to look like you are illiterate and the search engines may not believe you are an authority on the subject if you misspell the important words.


Keep on topic. There is nothing more confusing that starting to read an article on one subject and then right in the middle of the paragraph the writer changes topics out of the blue. A good example is writing about egg recipes and then in the same paragraph, stating that your dog loves scrambled eggs and then go on about the foods your dog enjoys. This will also cause the search engine problems and you may be listed under dogs instead of eggs.


Writing in a conversational way is great; however, if you start using abbreviations, as you would while texting, you are certainly going to look stupid. No one wants to read LOL, IDK, and LMAO in the middle of a sentence.


The best way to write SEO articles without sounding stupid is to use your common sense. Read over the article and make sure that it is appealing and reader worthy.

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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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