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The Secret to Generating Natural Links in Your Post

  • March 13 2015
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It’s every SEO’s dream that they could simply press ‘publish’ and then go on with their day while accumulating dozens of links. Although this may seem too good to be true, there is in fact a way to do this—by writing content that will do the work by building links for you. If you are having trouble getting natural links then you may believe that your content just isn’t good enough, and that you have to be willing to write link-bait articles. However, this isn’t the case, as you must keep in mind that the quality of your articles is only one small piece of the whole story, and link bait articles are not very effective. So what is the secret to gaining natural links on your content? Having the right content archetypes.


What is a Content Archetype?

A content archetype is a means of creating and then presenting information for the purpose of eliciting a specific response from your audience. It is basically a simple structure for writing blog posts effectively. There are various archetypes that you can use depending on what your end goal is. For instance, there are different archetypes to gain blog comments, inspire people and sell products. However, the most popular archetype is one to gain people backlinks.


Use a System

A system is a laid out plan that gives people a step-by-step structure for achieving a certain outcome. Writing an article using this type of archetype is a great way of getting plenty of natural links. For example, creating a step-by-step approach to losing 15 pounds can be a great way to use the system. Writing using a system is extremely effective due to the fact that people tend to view systems as having a high value rather than just general information due to the fact that people tend to crave content that takes out all of the guesswork and makes it easy for them to follow instructions by leading them by the hand. In order to use this approach simply think about something that your particular niche would be interested in and then post the steps that are needed to get there.


Create a List

One of the most successful types of articles when it comes to links is ones that give their readers massive lists. It isn’t just about the top ten anymore. In this day and age, having a 500+ list will do you wonders when it comes to natural links. Creating this type of article can grab readers’ attention due to the fact that they aren’t just buzz-worthy but actually useful. Although there will always be room for Top 5 and Top 10 lists, by posting long list posts you can make your blog standout simply due to volume factor. There is just something more linkable about having a list of 150 items rather than just 15.


Create Content on Industry Studies

This type of article gives people useful information and data, typically in order to help them run their business. By writing on industry studies that are backed by actual data, you can help business owners make savvier decisions, and create natural links while you’re at it. One example is writing on the impact that social media has on a business and its profits. This strategy works due to the fact that people tend to be interested in studies. In order to do this try thinking of a hotly contested or misunderstood topic that is within your market then perform data analysis, research summary or a small survey. Once this is complete try showing off your data with infographs and charts.


Grab Reader’s Attention

Try writing a blog post that will grab your reader’s attention right off the bat by writing a bold prediction. Give your reader a promising story and then deliver with great content. Come up with a headline that is both specific and funny, but ensure that your headline isn’t just a gimmick that will lead to your readers to being disappointed in the content. This works due to the fact that people tend to click on headlines that are hard to believe and that grab their attention.


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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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