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How a Personal Blog Can Help Your Freelance Writing Career

  • December 9 2014
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There are plenty of things you can do in order to aid your professional freelance writing career. This includes gaining valuable working experience and a having great resume. Since competition for freelance writing jobs are fierce, it’s crucial that you stick out from the crowd. One means of doing this is to create a blog. Blogs are interactive websites that are chalk full of info for the public to read, and can cover a large variety of topics. Blogging doesn’t cost any money unless you want to buy a custom layout or domain name. Here are a few ways that a personal blog can help your freelance writing career.


Beef Up Your Writing Portfolio 

How exactly do you become an excellent writer? The perfect answer to that is through practice of course. Just like a musician or athlete, the only means of truly excelling at your craft is to constantly practice. Having a blog in which you make daily or even weekly posts can not only have an immense impact on your writing skills, but can also give you a variety of samples to add to your writing portfolio. Keep in mind that all of your writing samples should be recognized, even if it was just from a WordPress site.


Show That You Have Expertise

By writing on a consistent basis on a particular group of topics, or even a single topic you will begin to gain some credibility in that field. For example, if you are interested in writing for a beauty company then having a beauty blog that give readers helpful tutorials and articles on the subject of beauty and cosmetics can give you a leg up on your competitors. It’s as simple as finding topics that you are interested in and passionate about, and becoming knowledgeable on that topic in order to be able to blog about them.


Create Job Opportunities

Having a blog that you post about your interests, personal life and accomplishments can attract readers from all over the globe. If you ensure that your blog is optimized by including a link to your portfolio, contact information and resume then you would be surprised by who may reach out and contact you. From national magazines to small boutiques, you never know who may contact you for a freelance gig. Keep in mind that blogging can be the first step in making sure your writing gets noticed and putting yourself out there.


Make Blogging a Side Job 

Blogging itself can be seen as a side job, which will look fantastic on a resume. By running your own blog as a business through working with public relations companies or brands, you can appear extremely impressive to employers by knowing how to use analytical tools and social media. Ensure that you don’t think of your blog as a hobby, and instead treat it as a side business in order to be able to include it in your resume and pike the interest of prospective freelance writing gigs.


Form Relationships

Blogging is a fantastic networking tool, plain and simple. Not only can you meet peers and, even make friends that share in the same interests as you. But you can also find plenty of people who work in the same field as you. If you start writing for a particular company then keeping in touch with them is a good way of expanding your contacts. You never know when someone who’s interested in your personal blog is looking for a new freelance writer for his or her company. You may have heard the phrase, “it’s all about who you know,” and keeping a personal blog can put you in touch with a brand new group of people.


Create a Personal Brand 

Having your own personal brand as a freelance writer can make or break your writing career. In this day and age, any potential employers can find a slew of information about you in only a few seconds by looking your name up on Google. Creating a personal blog can allow you to control your personal brand online, as your blog will likely be one of the very first things that turn up on Google

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Cameron Mackey

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