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Copywriting: Inspiration Places You Never Thought to Look

  • June 12 2014
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As a copywriter, it is often difficult to remain creative all of the time. Writer’s block can take over, even without notice, leaving you staring at a blank page with no ideas. Being given a topic is one thing, but having an actual direction for a specific piece is sometimes easier said than done. There are a few unconventional methods to find inspiration that you may not have thought of previously. Some, however, may be quite obvious and are found to be rather helpful.


Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a form of social media where users pin photos in themed categories for others. This can be anything from local happenings to recipes or craft ideas. There are hundreds of categories and keywords that can be searched to retain ideas to complete a writing assignment.

Take your topic and plug it into the search bar. The results will pertain to your keywords used and related topics. Some photos have content attached to them. Those will be helpful to give you a direction to go on for the assignment.


Online Art Galleries

Many copywriters neglect to think about using art to be their inspiration for an article. Writers tend to be visual learners and grasp concepts that can be seen better than reading content in some cases. In your search, you will want to use your keyword and pair it with art, canvasses or paintings.

The results from this type of search will bring up a variety of styles of art that can be perceived the way you wish. Some, however, do have a direct story shown in the piece that will be cut and dry. The thing about art is that you create the story. The artist does have a reason as to why the piece was created, but you can take that and put it into your own words to make it pertinent to your own life.


The Local Park

Writers often struggle with reading tones, body languages and direction simply from reading words on a screen. It does help to watch people interact from time-to-time. This is because it is a clear depiction of how society has changed and just how people do react to each other. Understanding and deciphering body language shows you real reactions and what you can expect to receive from your writings in a general sense.

While this may not make sense initially, take some time to sit and just eaves drop on a few conversations between strangers at a local park. Whether their perceptions of the discussions are realistic or blown out of proportion, you will have first-hand insight as to how each individual perceives a situation. People watching is a great tool for writers, especially where emotion and reactions or even reality are required for the piece. The same tactics can be used at a local coffee shop.


Online Comic Strips

Again, another unconventional method, but it does work. Comic strip authors often use real events to base their hilarities off of. It is up to you to find the reality behind the jokes to figure out the actual real-life situation being played with in the display.

If you have a specific topic to work with, search for comics that are themed upon it. Seeing different perspectives on a touchy topic helps tremendously when you’re just stuck. Although your approach to the content being written shouldn’t necessarily be a comedy, the serious nature of the base topic will provide insight to give you a premise to start with.


Daily World News Listings Online

A quick search of daily world news listings on a specific topic returns results that give you scenarios to work with for your article or story. Each author throws in real facts but also has a personal voice that is melded into the content. This gives the content a personality of its own that you can use to construct your piece.

These alternative options for finding inspiration, or even just a little help with the direction of a topic, provide ways for copywriters to change up their daily research routines. Using the same methods day in and day out get boring, and makes writing monotonous. Consider using alternative methods to jumpstart your brain to complete your next assignment.

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Cameron Mackey

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