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How to Become a Freelance Writer and Get Paid

  • May 12 2014
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No matter what the economic condition, freelance writers will always be in demand. If you are interested in freelance writing then there are plenty of jobs on the market such as writing content for a periodical or magazine, or a news site. If you decide to become a freelance writer then you have chosen a career that will last as long as you want it to. In fact, you could potentially make a couple thousand dollars every month simply by following your passion for writing. Another perk of becoming a freelance writer is that you choose the hours that you work, which gives you great flexibility. However, if you are unsure of where to start on your search to getting a freelance writing job then it can be difficult to start off. Here are a few tips to get you started in the field of freelance writing and get paid as soon as possible.


Consider Where You Have Expertise

One of the problems that can hold you back if you are interested in becoming a freelance writer is not knowing what you can write about. In order to stand out from the crowd, having an area of expertise is recommended. The good news is that it is almost guaranteed that you know something more than most other people do. In other words, you have value that you can offer to your readers on a number of different topics.


Have an Open Mind

It is beneficial to be open-minded when it comes to the topics that you are willing to write about. Although you may be hoping to write about a certain subject, be open to writing about anything that an employer asks you to write about. Not only will this allow you to get paid as soon as possible, but you will also be able to gain exposure to the world of freelance writing and get your foot in the door. Even if you feel that you do not know enough about a subject to write about it, keep in mind that you learn a substantial amount about any topic simply by writing content on it.


Finding Work

Starting off as a freelance writer and putting yourself out there can be quite nerve racking. Getting past this is one of the best ways to be a successful freelance writer. Once you gain the confidence to pitch to a number of different freelance jobs, prospective clients will more likely discover you.


Write a Great Pitch

Once you have found a prospective client then the likelihood that you will receive a job offer comes down to the quality of your writing pitch. In other words, your pitch will play a substantial role in determining whether or not you get the job and thus get paid for your writing. Keep in mind that the best writer won’t always get the job; it is the person who submits the best writing pitch.


Get a Few Great Samples

Be aware that you don’t need to be paid for the work in order to have a few great samples to show prospective employers or clients. In fact, one great way to create samples to show prospective clients is to create your own blog or guest post on someone else’s blog. You can even volunteer your services as an unpaid guest writer on a popular blog, which will likely catch the eye of prospective clients. If you are committed to becoming a freelance writer then doing all three is a great way to put your name out there and land your first paid job as a freelance writer.

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