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5 SEO Myths That Can be Used to a Writers Advantage

  • December 18 2014
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Writers often avoid SEO (search engine optimization) due to the fact that they are either intimidated by, and don’t really understand its uses or they think that using SEO is not to their advantage, as it deters their writing. However, in reality SEO can greatly help your career as a writer. By adding SEO to your tools as a writer, you can easily get more search traffic, which means that more people will see your work, and you can get more opportunities to make money. In other words, there are many reasons why you should care about SEO as a blogger or freelance writer. Here are five SEO myths that you can actually use to your advantage as a writer.


SEO is Overly Complicated 

It’s true that if you were interested in knowing every small detail on how SEO works then you may get a little confused, however this is unneeded, as instead you should simply focus on only understanding and implanting a few simple SEO strategies. For example, part of SEO is writing in layman’s terms, that anyone can understand, and using words that people are more likely to type into a search engines. This will benefit you in two ways. Firstly, writing in layman’s terms will allow your writing to seem less stiff and formal, and secondly writing in a conversational tone will help readers relate to your writing while at the same time allowing search engines to showcase your work higher on its page.


You Have to Constantly Have SEO in Mind 

Who wants to have to constantly think about SEO while they write? However, the opposite is actually true. In fact, it is more beneficial to not write with SEO in mind. Instead, write as you have always wrote, and then once you have completed a piece all you have to do is go back after the fact and look for means of optimizing your writing for search engine traffic. The easiest means of doing this is to scan your work and ensure that you include plenty of smart keywords throughout it. These keywords should be located in your first paragraph, headline, subheading and anchor text.


You Have to Put a Lot of Effort in Finding the Right Keywords

Who has the time to think of exactly the right keywords to put into their writing? While it’s true that you can spend a substantial amount of time on finding the best keywords for a certain topic, it is definitely not necessary. Instead, all you have to do is spend a few minutes and think about what you would have typed into Google if you were attempting to find an article or blog post that you just wrote. Think about how you would describe what you’re looking for in simple terms. It is also a good idea to keep your target audience in mind. Look at your post or article like a reader would.


Google is the Be-All and End-All When it Comes to Search Engines

Although it’s true that Google is the leader when it comes to search engines, it is not the only resource or search engine that people use. You should keep this in mind when using SEO, as other search engines like Ask, Bing and Yahoo are quite valuable to Internet users as well. By tapping into the less used resources, you can gain an advantage in your search ranking above those writers who aren’t taking it into consideration.


Stuff Your Writing with Keywords 

The old school way of thinking about SEO is that search engines were unable to categorize a website for a keyword unless it was used in the article multiple times. However, this is not the case, and using a keyword too many times can disrupt the reader’s enjoyment of the writing. Instead, simply use keywords and their variations in a natural manner.

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Cameron Mackey

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