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7 Best Writing Apps for Your iPad

  • March 6 2015
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Increasing amounts of people are utilizing mobile devices, namely IPads, in order to write content. Luckily, there are a bunch of new apps that make it surprisingly easy to write while you’re on the run. Here are seven of the best writing tools in order to get the most out of your writing when it comes to using your iPad.   Pages This is the very first app specifically designed for iPads to hit the app store. It was designed by Apple, and gives you a very nice and clean writing interface. You can go full-screen mode in order to write without any distractions. You also receive basic editing tools, tables, nice templates and image placement.   Clean Writer If you are a minimalist then Read More

Handling Hot Topic Writing Issues

  • March 2 2015
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Some people are able to write on controversial topics like breastfeeding, circumcision or spankings and proceed to host a very thoughtful discussion within their comment section. On the other hand, other bloggers write about the exact same topics and end up dealing with a full on brawl on their site. Luckily, there are some specific things that bloggers can use in order to help them tackle hot topic issues without raising the collective blood pressure of their readership. Writing on hot topic issues can be very beneficial to a blog, however it must be done correctly. Here are several steps you can take in order to write well on any controversial topic.   Know Your Audience  Keep in mind Read More