7 Best Writing Apps for Your iPad

  • March 6 2015
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Increasing amounts of people are utilizing mobile devices, namely IPads, in order to write content. Luckily, there are a bunch of new apps that make it surprisingly easy to write while you’re on the run. Here are seven of the best writing tools in order to get the most out of your writing when it comes to using your iPad.



This is the very first app specifically designed for iPads to hit the app store. It was designed by Apple, and gives you a very nice and clean writing interface. You can go full-screen mode in order to write without any distractions. You also receive basic editing tools, tables, nice templates and image placement.


Clean Writer

If you are a minimalist then Clean Writer is the tool for you. The focus of this writing app is to be as simple and zen-like as possible, giving you a peaceful writing experience. It is a word processor for those people who just want to write without any frills. Clean Writer won’t clutter your creative genius with a bunch of features you don’t really need. Each tool is purposeful and useful. It is also only 99 cents.


My Writing Nook

If you are writing a book or an ebook then this is a writing tool that will work perfectly with your project. It is slightly different than just a simple word processer, as it aids you in organizing your writing into different chapters. It also has a screen layout that is meant just for writing a book. One very nice feature in My Writing Nook is that any work you do with it will be synced automatically with the version that’s online. This means you can write your book from your laptop, desktop or iPad. This writing app has many more features, and is more meant for a focused writer who wants to complete a book.



If you haven’t gotten to actually starting a book or ebook yet then this is the app for you. This app allows people to brainstorm, take notes and ensure that none of their ideas get lost. The issue with many other note-taking programs is that they tend to be unorganized. However, Chapters is anything but. This app allows you to keep your notes organized into notebooks, which can even be protected by a password if needed. It has many other useful features to those writers that are just spreading their wings, such as allowing you to create PDFs and add photos.


Chronicle for iPads

Chronicle is similar to Chapters in the way that it is a tool that encourages you to create more content, and gives you the ability to immerse yourself completely into your writing. The layout of Chronicle allows you to feel like you’re writing on a standard paper journal, however it is much more then just that. It is a way of writing and organizing without any sort of distractions. This is a great app for those who are very creative and like to write down all of their ideas, and put their thoughts together in the way that seems best to them. If you are waiting for an appointment or about to catch a flight then this is a great on-the-go method of writing.

Advanced Thesaurus and Dictionary

As a writer you are likely very aware of the power of the words that you use, however often times there are words that simply elude you. Luckily, a Thesaurus and Dictionary app on your iPad is just the key to advance your writing capabilities. The great thing about having these tools on your iPad is that you can even use them when you’re offline. Use these apps in order to expand on your vocabulary or when you just can’t think of the right word.


Grammar HQ

If you don’t have the right grammar skills then it is next to impossible to produce a great piece of writing. Grammar is absolutely crucial for both purposeful communication and clarity. This app will aid you in all of your grammar needs in order to ensure that your writing is fluid and grammatically correct. It will give you rules, tips and examples that you can look at while writing, and is a very handy toolkit as a writer. Even if you’re proficient with grammar, having an app to check just in case never hurts.


Using an iPad to Write

All of these applications are a great way to ensure your writing is brilliant. However, also keep in mind that writing on a mobile device can be tricky, and is not recommended by professional writers as a way to compose pieces for long periods of time. You should consider purchasing a keyboard to go a long with your iPad to ensure you’re efficient with your writing.


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