How Hashtags Can Increase Your Audience


Hashtags have taken over the world. You see them in social media, but you also hear them in commercials, people referring to them in television shows, and the list goes on. It used to be that only Twitter users used hashtags, but that is no longer the case. Adding hashtags to your content can drastically increase the amount of viewers that you get, and here’s how.


Hashtags Extend Beyond Twitter’s Reach

You can use a hashtag on any social media outlet and people understand the point you are trying to make. You can even get away with using hashtags on website content and blogs, seeing as how hashtags are just simply small phrases to cover a particular point.


There are Hashtag Tools to Help

If you are not sure what hashtags to use, you can quickly and easily turn to one of the many hashtag tools that help narrow down your choices for you. These tools will help you find the most relevant hashtags, and some can even show you the current hashtag trends of popularity to help you reach the most relevant audience. Check out or if you want to see which hashtags you should be using.


You Can Add Related Hashtags to Expand Your Audience

One of the benefits of using hashtags is that you can expand your topics or ideas to include new hashtags, and those will alert new audiences to your content. For example, if you are writing about cars but you want to expand to a new audience, you could talk about painting cars uniquely and add in hashtags about art. This would alert art-lovers to what you were talking about, thus expanding your audience.


Stick with Popular Topics

If you want to expand your audience, one thing to keep in mind is to use popular hashtags. Using hashtags does not do much if you are using hashtags that are never used or followed. Part of being able to expand your audience is reaching them with things they find important. However, if you are talking about something that most of your potential audience would find meaningless, the use of hashtags is not going to give your content any type of benefit. For instance, if you are still writing about cars, and the audience you are trying to reach is auto painters, then using hashtags that revolve around the type of painters tape that cars must have is not going to bring in a big audience. Now, if you use a hashtag about a new technique that car painters are using that is bringing amazing results to cars of all shapes and sizes, then you will connect with the audience on a more widespread basis.


Keep In Mind, You Can Google Hashtags

If you want to reach a new audience but are not one that is a regular on social media, then you may want to understand how far reaching a hashtag really has the potential to be. If you put a popular hashtag into your content, you may find yourself getting a lot of visitors from Google web searches. It is becoming increasingly popular to find people searching Google for connections to hashtags they find important or valuable. The more you can connect with your audience through hashtags, no matter where you put them, the better.


Hashtags are everywhere, and as such, are a great resource that is vastly untapped by many businesses and websites. Add in important hashtags, but don’t go overboard. While one or two hashtags is great, three or more can cause your audience to turn tail the other direction, so use them sparingly. Using one good one will do more for you than two or three mediocre hashtags.

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