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How to get Google to Crawl and Index your Website Fully


So many people have had a problem with the period that Google takes to index a website. According to Google, it takes a total of 4days or even a couple of months to fully index your website. Well, this margin is not what you expect from the renowned search engine. Some webmasters have claimed that it took them a much shorter time to get their websites crawled and fully index. So it leaves you wondering? How can you get your website indexed that fast? Because it seems like Google is very picky when it comes to this process. You first need to understand that before the search engine indexes your website, it first needs to go through a number of checks such as how popular your Read More

Will Google AMP Help or Hurt SEO Strategy?

  • July 21 2016
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Google’s latest strategy believe it or not, is not a new algorithm as we have all gotten used to adjusting to lately, right after figuring out the old algorithm. Instead, it is something that will benefit most businesses, at least those businesses that want to be successful in the mobile world. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages and as its name suggests, it helps pages load faster on mobile devices. This is a huge deal for most businesses as a majority of consumers use their mobile devices to conduct business or to preview a business they are about to visit before stepping foot in its doors. With faster loading pages, you have fewer frustrated consumers and possibly more real customers Read More

7 Important Takeaways in Local SEO

  • February 8 2016
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Local SEO is something most business owners have heard of by now. With the rising usage of smartphones, local SEO has become a key player in assuring your business gets noticed. Google is placing more emphasis on this than ever before. This guide will show you the 7 most important takeaways in local SEO. 1.  Accuracy and Consistency in Online ListingsAway from your site you have the holy trinity of local SEO, known as NAP. This stands for Name Address Phone Number. These are the basic pieces of information Google needs for local SEO purposes. Yet while businesses know it’s important they don’t update their listings when they change. It’s time-consuming to update online listings, Read More

7 Unintentional SEO Mistakes That Can Penalize Your Site

  • November 17 2015
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If you are a business owner chances are you currently have a website. In today’s world, most businesses have websites that give information on their services and/or allow you to buy directly from their site. But no one will know about your site unless it is shared with current and potential customers. What you do to drive traffic to your site can potentially cause Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines to penalize it. They may perceive your on-site and off-site methods as a manipulation of site rankings. Here are 7 unintentional search engine optimization (SEO) mistakes that can result in penalties.  1.  Not Providing Quality ContentWhen a site has written content that Read More

The Importance of a Good Relationship with Influential Bloggers

  • November 3 2015
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Building and maintaining relationships with bloggers through online interaction is a crucial component of gaining leads to your own website. Unfortunately, this process is often neglected by companies and websites, which substantially deter their efforts to gain traffic. When you are establishing a website, a substantial amount of time has to go into strategizing, designing, and creating content for it. This typically is a very individual process, however by interacting with influential bloggers you can make your experience much more social and enjoyable. To effectively build your website and reach your goals, it takes communicating with others who have expertise in your field and so it’s Read More

Strategies to Help Your Small Company Compete with the Big Boys on Google

  • October 27 2015
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Search engine optimization has grown in popularity, as online searches have become a daily standard in people’s lives. Currently, almost every business in the United States, whether big or small, has an Internet presence, which means that everybody has to compete for only a limited number of spots in the top results of search engines like Google. However, since large corporations like Target and Walmart already have thousands of pages of content, millions of inbound links, and a steady flow of online visitors, it can be quite difficult as a small business to compete. How can small companies with limited resources battle with the online domination of mega-corporations? Luckily, there are many Read More