7 Reasons Why Startups Need Good Blog Writers


During the past couple of years, Google’s algorithm updates have shown us one thing: content is what really matters. SEO tricks and blackhat linking strategies will get you nowhere.


High-quality content needs to be the foundation of your online marketing strategy. Everything else revolves around this concept—building relationships, sparking interest in your startup on social media and getting quality links are the rewards of good writing.


Establish Trust with Your Audience

In your everyday life, how many people do you really trust? If you’re like most folks, that number is small. When it comes to the number of people you trust online, the number is probably even smaller.


It’s not easy to gain trust, and you can’t do it by bombarding people with sales pitches.


A good blog writer produces content that matters to your readers. A useful blog post improves peoples’ lives. It gives them information to make them feel safer. It helps them improve their lives in some way.


Get Noticed by Authorities

Millions of blogs languish in obscurity every day. Nothing is more frustrating than putting lots of effort into a blog only to see it fail. But why do so many blogs go unnoticed?


Authorities don’t want to link to poorly written content. They won’t share it with their audience. On the other hand, they’re more than willing to help you get noticed if you provide well-written, valuable information.


The key to launching a successful startup lies in capturing the attention of authorities in your niche, authorities who have thousands of dedicated followers. A good blog writer can help you do just that.


Attract Links Organically

These tie in with getting attention from people who matter. When your content is worthy of sharing, people will be buzzing about it. They’ll link to it on their own websites, share it on social networks and shout if from the rooftops. This is called organic linking, and it’s the only type of linking that matters now.


Make Boring Topics Interesting

No matter how interesting you think your startup is, it won’t be interesting to everyone—not at first, anyway. A good blog writer can turn a dry topic into one worth buzzing about. All it takes is finding the right story angle that appeal to the greatest number of people.


Build an Audience Before You Launch

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a good blog writer on board is a culmination of all of the above reasons: to build an audience before your startup launches.


In order for people to want your product or service, they have to know about it first. By creating great content, attracting links and getting noticed by the VIPs in your industry, you’re well on your way to having a successful startup. You’ll get noticed right from the start, and you’ll continue to garner attention through the value your content offers.

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