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How to Write an Article in 25 Minutes or Less

  • August 5 2014
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You may think that it takes time to write quality articles, however the fact is that if you take the necessary measures you can pump out a quality article in twenty-five minutes. In fact, all you have to do is follow an easy process in order to learn how to write quickly and efficiently.

Think About Your Content

Before you start writing you should spend a couple of minutes thinking about what you want your article to say. Ask yourself a few questions. What argument do you want to make? What problem are you solving? And what actions do you want your reader to take?

Organize Your Ideas

After this, it is a good idea to organize everything that you want inside your article. To do this put ideas that go together in certain parts of your article. After your ideas are organized try filling in missing parts with any questions that your readers may have about your topic. Make sure that you have an introduction, body as well as conclusion to your article. It is also beneficial to write down the one key topic that your article is covering as well as the main keywords that you are writing your article around. Also write down any thoughts that come to you while you are doing this. At this point you shouldn’t worry about clarity or formatting. Once you have a big idea or a message as well as an outline and a few questions that need answering then you are ready to write your article.

Write Quickly

This may seem intuitive, however many writers don’t write to their maximum capacity. Try writing as fast as possible without making too many errors. Move throughout your outline in order to fill in any parts that are missing. Make sure that they remain relevant. Keep in mind that this process is about getting words onto your page as quickly as possible. This may be tricky for you at first, and could take an upward of twenty to thirty minutes. However, the more you practice writing quickly the better you’ll get at doing it, and soon you’ll find yourself needing no more than five minutes. Don’t worry too much about the quality of your writing, as you’ll improve upon it after; however be cautious about being too long-winded as people have short attention spans when it comes to reading articles.

Clean it Up

You may think it is a hard task to edit and clean up an article; however this is not the case. By writing without thinking in the step previously, you should have captured a natural voice, which is friendly and needs less editing. You should spend half of your time cleaning up what may not be clear as well as elaborating on any ideas that you did not explain enough. Once this is done go back and correct any punctuation, grammar or spelling errors. During this time you may also want to consider entering a few statistics into your article, as long as they’re relevant. This will give the impression that your article is well thought out and carefully planned, even if it is not.

Create Your Headline

When you are creating an article in order to sell a service or product then you should think a lot about having a great headline. Even if your article is simply for a blog, it is important to make sure it grabs reader’s attention. It is also important that you use important keywords in your headline and that it will make people want to read your entire article.

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Cameron Mackey

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