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Protecting your Online Security as a Freelance Writer

  • January 26 2016
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As a freelance writer, your smartphone and computer are your livelihood and the primary tools you use for your craft. They are also where you save your work and where you do your work, and so it is likely an accurate statement to say that they are some of the most valuable of your possessions. This is why it is critical that you protect them. As a freelancer, a breach in security could cause you to lose out on several days of work at the very least and could even taint your reputation as a writer for years down the line. The good news is there are some things you can do to protect yourself.


Keep Your Clients’ Information Safe

When a client hires you, they are trusting you with some task, whether it a small or large one. It is critical that you do not violate that. If your clients hand over valuable information, the best thing to do is not to tell anyone you even have it. Don’t talk about the information whatsoever in person or online. It is usually best to keep a print copy of the information to work with, and keep any backup copies on flash drives. Make sure that these are kept hidden and safe when not in use.


Use Secure Passwords

As a freelancer, having strong passwords is pertinent, as your accounts likely contain a slew of personal information from all of your clients. Make sure that they are secure by using passwords that have a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols. You should also ensure that each password you use is unique and should not contain info or a single word that can be figured out easily. Make sure that passwords are always eight characters long.


Protect Your Social Media and Blog

Your social media accounts and your blog are the way that you connect with your work and the outside world. Ensure that you protect them in the strongest way possible by installing additional security plug-ins. Also, make sure that your Facebook privacy settings are set to the highest protection level. Do this with any social media account or website that you use. It is recommended that you delete any online accounts that you do not use so that hackers will not be able to use them to trace you.


Keep Protected If You Work Outside Your House

Being a freelancer and working solely at home can get extremely lonely, and so it only makes sense that you sometimes head to your local café or library to get some work done. However, the problem with this is that public networks are easy to breach, as hackers can easily intercept data being transferred over a network that isn’t secure. The best means of protecting yourself is by using a Virtual Private Network, which will allow you to use an encrypted connection. This allows you to use the Internet both privately and freely without worrying about your information being compromised.


Know How to Spot a Scam

Scams are not the easiest to recognize unless you’ve already fallen for one before. Scammers that post fake job listings can convince you to waste away your subscription allowance on freelance job boards. It is best that you maintain your work correspondence on the freelance websites you use, as these sites often will protect both the employer and you in the case that something does not go as expected. Be wary of job listings that seem like they are too good to be true, as more often than not they are.

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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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