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8 Tips for Turning First Time Blog Visitors into Loyal Followers

  • September 5 2014
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When it comes to being a blogger, repeat traffic is crucial to raking in the dough. You can create hundreds of backlinks, but if the only people who are checking your website are first timers then you are going to struggle to make any blogging profits. Your most important goal as a blogger should be to bring in a loyal following. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to keep people coming back. Here are eight ways to gain loyal followers.


Quality is Key

You can use all the tricks in the book in order to increase your blogs repeat readers, however none of it will mean anything if you aren’t able to produce high quality content. If you are lacking in this department then you will likely see a lack of backlinks that you haven’t created yourself as well as a high bounce rate. You do not have to be an expert in writing literature, however you do need to be able to write entertaining and concise blog posts.


Keep Your Readers in Mind When Writing 

Who are your readers and what exactly do they want from your blog? You must define your blogs niche as well as your target audience, that way whenever you write a blog entry, you can write it exclusively for your audience. If you are writing information posts then write it in a way that will both entertain and educate them. Try to avoid any language that your specific audience will not be able to understand or relate to. Additionally, when something happens in your niche, keep up to date by writing about it right away. Providing genuine value is key.


Stand Out From the Rest

When somebody goes to your blog and reads one of your posts that are particularly entertaining, the goal is for them to remember exactly where they read it. If the domain name of your blog doesn’t stick in their heads, and your blog isn’t very highly ranked for your posts’ keywords then how do you expect them to find your blog again? A crucial part to gaining a regular following is therefore to ensure that your first time visitors upon reading your blog posts remember your domain name. You can achieve this through a catchy logo as well as a memorable and unique domain name.


Gain More Subscribers

One of the easiest ways to increase your blog’s repeat traffic is to bring in a large amount of subscribers. In order to do this, RSS feeds are very useful and are typically the best choice for those blogs that are targeting an audience that is reasonably tech savvy Make sure that you advertise your feed throughout your blog’s website. Also be aware that many RSS subscribers like to read the entire post in their readers and not just an introduction so avoid posting a partial feed.


Challenge Your Readers

A very good way to get a community going within your blog is to challenge your readership. This doesn’t need to be an overt challenge; instead it should be one that encourages your readers to think about a particular subject. This will keep people interested and involved in your blog. Challenging your readers to take a call to action will keep them invested and coming back for more, which is exactly what you want.


It’s All About Your Readers

Your readers should always come first, even above making money from your blog. You should never sacrifice your blog’s quality in order to monetize it. However, in this case you can have your cake and eat it to. Keep producing great content and putting your readers’ satisfaction with your blog as your top priority and you will see them coming back and helping in the success of your blog. You should also make sure to always listen to your readers and take in what they have to say about your blog. By making your blog all about your readers and not so much about yourself, you will discover that people will naturally become more loyal to your blog and will want to visit it more than just once.


Be Honest

If you want to turn new visitors into repeat readers then it is crucial that you inject who you truly are into your blog posts. Write with sincerity and honesty and react to things in a manner that you would use if you were discussing it with someone face to face. Avoid manufacturing a fake voice, and be conversational in your writing. People will become loyal to someone who comes off as real and human in their writing. Don’t be scared to be yourself.


Use a Specific Call to Action

A call to action is a means of telling people what steps they should take next. You can’t just expect your readers to automatically know what you want them to do or take out of your blog posts. If your goal is to get people to return to your blog then tell them exactly how to do it. Give them a specific call to action on why they should add your feed, bookmark your posts or subscribe by email.

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