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7 Problems when Outsourcing Content and how to Solve Them

  • January 12 2016
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Many businesses can take advantage of outsourcing their content needs. Writing content requires a certain amount of skill and can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to have your own employees take over the various tasks involved. If you do not have the needed manpower or talent, then outsourcing your content can be the ideal solution. However, if what’s holding you back from outsourcing is common problems associated with it that you’ve heard of, then there are some things you can do to combat the common pitfalls that business owners fall into when they hire professional writers. Let’s take a look at seven problems that often arise when outsourcing content and how to overcome them.


1.  Quality Suffers When You Outsource

This does not happen if you carefully pick a solid team of writers that all have a phenomenal track record with other companies. Make sure to analyze a content writer’s portfolio before you hire them, as any content writer or content creation team should be able to supply you with many samples to showcase their writing ability. In most cases you’ll find more success with skilled, experienced writers over those whose skills are in other areas like a certain industry.


2.  Outsourcing is Not Worth the Resources

One of the major reasons why businesses avoid outsourcing their content is that they lack the sufficient funds to pay for it. They reason that allotting a portion of their budget to content creation is not worth the investment and would instead take away from their overall business goals. However, it is important to keep in mind that one way or another you are going to have to pay for content creation, whether it is through your team’s valuable time that could be used elsewhere or from your own budget.


3.  Slower Turnaround Times

Using professional writers does indeed usually take more time. However, most businesses will find that the extra time is well worth it. For one, not every business owner can come up with topics, determine the best way to approach them, and then complete the necessary research to write high-quality, relevant content in a reasonable amount of time and then do the whole process all over again on a regular basis. Thinking about it in this way, hiring professional writers can actually be a great time saver.


4.  You Have Unrealistic Expectations

Content creation has been a popular method of marketing for several years now. However, there are still many misconceptions about what you can expect from it and how it works. A significant challenge of content creation arises when business owners simply expect too much out of their content creation, and so no matter how successful it is, they will not be satisfied with the results. Instead of setting yourself up to be disappointed with your outsourced content outcomes, it is recommended first to set tangible and manageable goals for your content before outsourcing.


5.  Outsourcing is too Expensive

If what’s stopping you from outsourcing your content is the cost of it, then know that hiring a skilled writing team can pay for itself tenfold. This is because stellar content will increase your leads, which result in more revenue in your business’s coiffeurs. Content simply is an expense you cannot afford to slack on. Allocating enough resources to your content efforts will allow you to hire skilled content writers who can optimize your content and ensure that it is engaging and relevant, which is no easy task.


6.  You Do Not Receive the Content You Want

A common problem of outsourcing content is that business owners will often pay for excellent content only to not receive what they wanted. However, this can easily be fixed through good communication. The number one thing to keep in mind when hiring a team of professional writers is to ensure that you clearly tell them what you are looking for in your content creation efforts and what you expect from them. A good content writer will be able to develop your ideas into outstanding content or even aid you in coming up with great ideas in the first place.


7.  Your Content Comes Out Too Bland

In many cases, businesses want content written in a distinct voice that excites readers and engages them. However, in some instances when outsourcing content, the writing that comes back is extremely bland and almost robotic. This usually happens when the writer is not sure what voice to write the content in and so writes it in no voice at all. Although this type of writing is effective for more technical content needs, for content that is supposed to result in leads, it can often spell disaster. Nonetheless, an easy fix for this problem is to communicate to your writers the type of voice you want the content written in, and even provide them with a sample written in the voice you want.

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